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Penguin is Granular – Devaluation vs. Demotion

With this recent penguin update no one sees a dramatic change in their online stats, Confused? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Google’s official “Gary Illyes confirmed this over Facebook” by saying that from now on Google devalues the spam or bad links than affecting the whole site. Traditionally, if any Google norms violation found by […]

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Penguin 4.0 is Live with Some New Additions to It

Google confirms that penguin 4.0 is live from 23rd September. Many webmasters observed so much of variations/fluctuations in their ranking and traffic stats. Google officials said that they will not confirm penguin algorithm from now onwards. This time penguin is all new as it is no more its own entity. It has become a part […]

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A Change in Local Search Market

Display of results in Google Maps is showing differently as Google has made some changes in the local finder results. You can see the difference by clicking on more results in Local pack showing in SERP and the change is Ads in Local Finder. Now, more than 1 ad can be seen in maps. Now, […]

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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is all about relationship between three parties and they are Advertiser, Publisher and customer. In general, it is a type of performance based marketing. To get benefit affiliate put his efforts and get paid if attain the requirements of a business or advertiser. Let’s talk about them in detail below: Advertiser: An advertiser […]

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Google’s Take on: Decrease in Ghost Referral Traffic

There is good news for the webmasters those are worried because of various unauthorized spam traffic widely known as “Ghost Referral Traffic” or “Spam Referral Traffic” is now decreasing in Google Analytics. A brief of what Ghost referral traffic is for better understanding: “Ghost Referrer spam occurs when your website gets fake referral traffic from […]

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Vital Role of Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is used to monitor online or internet reputation of individual and brand. An Online Reputation Management is a process to enhance the figure of brand or person by improving positive stories or links and pushing down negatives links in Search Engines. Same techniques followed by SEOs for search engine optimization and ORM but […]

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Changes in Display of Ads on Google

Google will stop showing Right hand side Ads and will display 4 ads on the top. They were testing this layout from 2006. Google said this layout is designed to provide more relevant results and to improve the search experience with better performance. This change will be global. Webmasters are predicting, as Google is working […]

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Understanding of Structured Data Markup

There are two types of Structured Data Markups also called as rich snippets. They help in providing brief of the website to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex. In other words, Structured Data Markup is information organized in vast online database that helps to serve search results. Hence, the difference of […]

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What and Why Knowledge Graph?

“Knowledge Graph” also known as “Databank” was rolled out on May 16, 2012. Google uses it as to enhance search engine result pages. It consists of many factors like People, places, facts, events, history etc and put together them to provide accurate and relevant search results fetched from authoritative sites. Generally, Google collects this data […]

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Significant Role of Infographics in Marketing Today

An infographics are innovative way to provide information or data in graphical representation also called as data visualization to make it eye catching for users or readers. Why Infographics? In studies, found that people like to get information in an attractive way rather than lengthy articles. Hence, demand of infographics is considerably increasing. Infographic proved […]

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Significant Role of HTTPS

We all have heard about HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) the secure version of HTTP. This is a protocol which sent data over browser and website. Earlier, the HTTPS in which “S” in the end stands for secure version was used by only few websites those needs confidential online transactions such as Shopping and […]