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Today, craze for new technology like Android or iPhone is becoming very numerous so do the demand for applications is improving. Businesses are creating apps to reach their potential customers or users. In our day to day life we all are addicted to our phones whether it is for entertainment, reading, buying products or searching […]

Changes in Google Webmaster Guidelines

Changes done in the Webmaster guidelines by Google are live now. It is broken into two blocks of content unlike earlier. The two broken blocks are named as: 1) General Guidelines with indexing, content and usability 2) Quality Guidelines with basics and specifics Google has made changes in only General Guidelines and Quality Guidelines remains […]

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What and Why #Hashtag?

Everyone must observe Hashtag (#) sign in major social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Well, Do we all are aware of its importance nowadays? If the answer is no then continue reading this post describing the significant role of hashtag in Social Media today. A Hashtag is a label which makes […]

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How Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Interrelates

Social Media Optimization plays vital role in maximizing SEO efforts as they both are very closely related to each other. We all are very well aware with Search Engine Optimization and its benefits. SEO is not limited in building links over various high domain authority sites but also readily useful in popularizing products and services […]

Page Loading Speed

Importance of Website Page Loading Speed

Today every business has a website to market their services or products online. If you want the same then make sure that your website does not take much time to upload as visitors or users of the website can get frustrated with slow speed. Take yourself as an example, if you are searching for something […]

Google core Algorithm

Google Core Algorithm Update: Results in ranking fluctuations

Many SEOs noticed significant change in the rankings from the starting of this month. Where SEO world was imagining that this is Google’s Penguin rollout there Google confirmed that this is not penguin but core algorithm. Google’s officials confirmed that core algorithm is rolling out from the beginning of this month and still rolling. They […]

Next Big Google Algorithm Update “Penguin” is Coming

All the webmasters are waiting for Google’s next algorithm rollout named “Penguin”. Nowadays, Google’s next Penguin update is hot news in SEO World. Gary Illyes confirmed on various major social media platforms that this rollout is going to happen till this year’s end. To avoid penalty, webmasters already started link analysis for their websites and […]

Google Penalize websites for using Giant Ads

Google released mobile friendly update to penalize websites using giant app and Google announced an update to the mobile-friendly algorithm on November 2nd, 2015 at various major social networking sites. This update is going to penalize websites using giant app and install interstitial ads. In other words, if the installed interstitial app hides noteworthy amount […]

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Search Engine Optimization with New Tactics and Techniques

Before you directly start Off-page SEO of your business for promotions be sure that your website is fully on-page optimized. On-page optimization consist many factors along with relevant content optimization. Today, every marketer knows that how important is content in Search engine marketing. If we want results in terms of leads, ROI, traffic and keywords […]