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What and Why Knowledge Graph?

“Knowledge Graph” also known as “Databank” was rolled out on May 16, 2012. Google uses it as to enhance Knowledge graph - PR Web Technologiessearch engine result pages. It consists of many factors like People, places, facts, events, history etc and put together them to provide accurate and relevant search results fetched from authoritative sites. Generally, Google collects this data by checking the keywords searched by people often and then intersect all the things.

Google rely on most authoritative websites like Wikipedia, Freebase and CIA World Factbook to gather data from for Knowledge Graphs. Another example is When you put any query in Search engine then you can detect, in the results, query will show as bold that is because Google is trying to help users to find appropriate results.

Let’s help Google in providing effective results by publishing meaningful, worthy and people oriented content.

Now, with the new update, Brand and Users can control the rich information (knowledge graph) showing in SERPs as “official representatives”.