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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is all about relationship between three parties and they are Advertiser, Publisher and customer. In general, it is a type of performance based marketing. To get benefit affiliate put his efforts and get paid if attain the requirements of a business or advertiser.

Let’s talk about them in detail below:Affiliate Marketing - PR Web Technologies

Advertiser: An advertiser can be a person or company manufacturing or selling products. They hire people to help them in selling their products by offering them commission.

Publisher: A publisher is a person or company working toward promotion of products to improve sales by agreeing on the commission present by advertiser. Publisher can use any tactic to promote products like links creation, banner or text ads etc. The main motive of the publisher is to sell product as if he gets unsuccessful in selling then he will not receive any money.

Customer: Customer, a final aspect which completes the triangle of relationship. When a user lands on advertiser’s product landing page and purchase the product by clicking on ad or link published by publisher, completes the circle.

Affiliate Marketing is becoming ultra competitive saturated marketplace.

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