Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is very important if you want to expand your businesses online. This is an important aspect of Digital Marketing and a tactic to increase a website visibility in major Search Engines. PR Web Technologies works on ROI focused solutions by implementing most effective and White-hat SEO techniques supported by Google to achieve desired results for your business.SEO Service Process

We understand your business needs, that is why we provide innovative and technical strategies for your website to increase the leads and sales. Basically, SEO is divided into two parts On-Page and Off-Page Optimization. To get the Search Engines friendly website On-Page Optimization with technical skills come into play while Off-Page optimization includes strategies to improve the site ratings in Search Engines by creating Quality backlinks on other sites.

Hit by Google Algorithm Update?

In the earlier times people used to create as many links as they can to achieve the rankings in Google. But the face of SEO is changing with the time. Nowadays, Internet Marketing is not just a link building. Google has changed the way of ones working. In last couple of years Google is updating its algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, EMD, Pigeon etc, and penalizing the websites that are not following the Guidelines and doing spamming by promoting Duplicate content, generating low quality links, using black hat tactics and many more the list continues.

If you are penalized by any of algorithm update then, we can help you in getting your site back to the Search engine results. Steps to recovering the website are mentioned below:

Recover from Google algorithm

Analysis Process: There are various spam filter updates. The first and foremost step includes the analysis that which update hit your website. What are those factors, which leads to the penalization.

Planning Process: After the in-depth analysis we got the clear picture of the factors and start planning out the tactics which needs to work on to recover the website. We setup the Goals for success of the campaign.

Implementation Process: Optimizing a website and recovering a website are both different approaches. In this process we change everything, hurting the site like on-page and links