Website Development

Today, if you want to publicize your business worldwide then before marketing you need a website. PR Web Technologies provides top-notch website development services to meet your business needs. We deliver from basic to complex features in website according to your requirements.Web Development

We perform development on various platforms like WordPress, Opencart, bigcommerce etc. It integrates, php technologies, C#, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, MSSQL, MySQl, Photoshop, and Macromedia Flash etc.

We believe in developing User and Crawler friendly websites by making sure of major factors i.e. Site load speed so that user don’t get annoyed, easy & quick navigation to avoid unresponsiveness, Fix major hitches of interlinking and redirections and many more.

Important points need to underline before getting start:

• Initially, website goals, characteristics and objectives should be cleared. So, we can help you in achieving them.
• We help you in selecting the best host for your website.
• We create and share strategies to meet your requirements.
• According to the trends we add new and attractive features in the website.

We have vast experience in developing websites for many clients offering services and products in various sectors like: Medical, Legal, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Electrical etc.