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A Change in Local Search Market

Display of results in Google Maps is showing differently as Google has made some changes in the local finder results. You can see the difference by clicking on more results in Local pack showing in SERP and the change is Ads in Local Finder. Now, more than 1 ad can be seen in maps.Paid Local Search Result - PR Web Technologies

Now, Google Maps is no longer going to be considered as search partner. Google Maps has been removed from the list of Google’s sites incorporated in Search Partners in the AdWords help pages.

Good News for Few and Bad for Others

Good News: Advertisers, those were unable to make it in local pack in SERP have a chance now to show in the ads if they are using Adwords location extensions and had opted out of the search partners. Now, they can observe improvement in impressions and clicks.

Bad News:  Few Advertisers can see a drop in impressions and clicks and those is because of not using location extension and were opted into search partners. There ads will no longer going to be display in Maps.

Have you observed this?