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Google’s Take on: Decrease in Ghost Referral Traffic

There is good news for the webmasters those are worried because of various unauthorized spam traffic widely known as “Ghost Referral Traffic” or “Spam Referral Traffic” is now decreasing in Google Analytics.Google Analytics Referral Spam - PR Web Technologies

A brief of what Ghost referral traffic is for better understanding:

“Ghost Referrer spam occurs when your website gets fake referral traffic from spam bots and this fake traffic is recorded by your Google Analytics. Fake traffic called as ghost because they never access your website, no interactions at all. They just increase the bounce rate. These can be from social buttons, adult sites and many more”.

For solution, filter can be added in the Google Analytics.

Although, there is no confirmation or word from Google on it but webmaster do observed the difference in their Google Analytics accounts. They are not totally removed but decline can be monitor.