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Understanding of Structured Data Markup

There are two types of Structured Data Markups also called as rich snippets. They help in providing brief of the website to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex. In other words, Structured Data Markup is information organized in vast online database that helps to serve search results. Hence, the difference of using them will show in the SERPs. It helps crawlers recognize the brand and uniqueness of certain information points, and then convey visually differentiated results to users. It improves the representation of your webpage in SERPs.Structured data markup helper - PR Web Technologies

The two types are:

1) Schema and
2) Open graph Protocol

Schema provides more detailed information than open graph. Both of them can be used together but if you want to use one as markup then open graph cannot be used on the place of schema because it won’t let you add more thorough data as much as schema offers.

With schema all types of items can be markup like products, person, organization, recipes, ratings, places and many more. Each of them consist different properties. To know more about items and properties browse

Using structured data cannot guarantee ranking improvements but yes, you can examine the changes in click through rate.

Open Graph generally known as Facebook’s protocol based on RDFa, parse information and express data in webpages like people, place, events etc.

Google provides Structured Data Markup Helper with this you can create and implement this markup on your website easily.

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